My name is Nimit Kalra.
I'm a student, aspiring data scientist, avid tennis player, and budding web developer.

Who I Am

I'm a student by day, tennis player by evening, and programmer by night. You can count on me to make the best out of every moment, no matter the premise. I stick to my goals and make things happen.


What I Do

I learn.
Constantly. In today's world, technology is everywhere. I must continuously learn in order to empower the useful applications that technology has brought us. I am profficient in modern web development, PHP, MySQL, Redis, and related technologies. Although I am no master, I am actively delving into modern design in order to give my web applications a nice shell. Aside from programming-related ventures, I am eager to advance to higher level mathematics in my future. I am most interested in solving problems by harnessing the computing power of today in conjunction with mathematics and statistics. One prominent field that I have my eyes set on in is data science.

I create.
My hands are always busy. Whether I'm writing code or a blog post, there's never a time I'm not fabricating something that interests me. In my free time, I enjoy building web applications with a purpose. I believe the choice is ours to choose between a life of observation and a life of creation. But we must suffer the consequences and breathe the fruits of our decision. So choose wisely.

I improve.
Improvement in yourself is magical. As Ernest Hemingway once said:

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.


My Work

All of my open-source programming projects that I've either started or contributed to can be found on my Github profile. I've worked on some non open-source projects as well, most notable of which include Trinkly, StudyCrack, motes and tmpaste.

You can also check out my online math notes, or motes that I'm currently working on. (Note: these are a work in progress)

I wrote a mini-research paper on the Dispersion of Religious Populations following the Partition of India for my AP Human Geography course.

Let's chat.

Want to work on something together? Have a burning question? Just want to talk?
Email me at nimit (at) nimitkalra (dot) com, tweet me @qw3rtman, or add me on Skype.